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Excel Paving, established in 1991 by Tony Freeman, initially focused solely on paving services. Tony, a former builder, stumbled upon a team proficiently laying block paving while on vacation and was captivated by the impeccable results. Recognizing the potential in this relatively new technique, he saw an opportunity to establish a high-quality local paving company. In the early days, Tony personally undertook every aspect of the process, from excavation to hardcore installation, sand layering, and finally, block placement.

As the demand for our services grew exponentially, Tony found himself unable to single-handedly meet the requirements. This led to the expansion of our team, and today, we proudly employ six dedicated and skilled individuals. Building on our foundation of excellence in paving, we've also branched out into installing garden fencing, patios, and expertly fitting plastic fascia’s and soffits, further enhancing our commitment to providing comprehensive home improvement solutions.


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Reputation is everything

Excel has earned a renowned reputation in the West Midlands for being one of the highest-quality local paving companies. Despite facing the challenges posed by the recession, the company persevered and remains a stalwart in the industry. Recognizing the need to evolve, Tony made the strategic decision to expand into various home improvement sectors, encompassing house extensions, UPVC windows and doors, as well as roof trim products. It was this pivotal moment that gave rise to Excel Home Improvements.

Fast forward to the present day, and we stand proudly as a leading force in Birmingham, not only for paving but also for a wide range of top-tier home improvement services. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction continues to drive our success story.

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